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artroulette 2016 Teams

Team #1

Team #1 "Hidden in Plain Sight"
Donna Frostick, Albert C. Moore, Piper Nichole, Jeanne Schlesinger

Team 1 decided to use a single image as inspiration for our individual works. We chose a photo of a butterfly that Jeanne took, and we interpreted it four different ways. Jeanne morphed the photo and printed two versions on metal. Piper produced two drawings in oil and watercolor. I made a collage based on two drawings I did of sections of the photo, and Albert created a video based on the image. The title of the piece, is "Hidden in plain sight" because the butterfly is hidden in each of the pieces.
View the video here.
(Digital Frame Not Included. SD Card with Video Provided with Purchase.)

Team #2

Team #2 "Untitled"
Anne C. Savedge, Genesis Chapman, Jere Kittle, Jonathan Lee

We looked at each of our websites and emailed about what we liked, settling on a face.
We met at Genesis' studio and agreed on the face, who would do what part and that we would do it on wooden blocks that Jonathan had. Each of us did our 1/4 of the face, gave our blocks to Genesis, who put them together, then Jere hung it.

Team #3

Team #3 "Untitled"
Brigette Newberry, Wolfgang Jasper, Carol Meese, Dana Morris

Team 3 decided to work independently. One person took the work and began the process, then left if for pick up. The next person took it for a week and so on. Two of us got together the last weekend to stretch the work and it was done. There was no discussion of theme or media.. we just worked it the way we saw it.

Team #4

Team #4 "Beyond the Rainbow"
Annette Norman, Chris Allen, Douglas D’Urso, Patrick Gregory

Team #5

Team #5 "Untitled"
Michael Pierce, Sukenya Best, Mike Kalafatis, Matt Ritchie

Our team simply said: we’ll do something figurative, and we’ll each make it on an 18" x 18" square piece of paper so that the image goes all of the way to the edges, in any media and then when we meet again, we’ll see how it fits together… so we were just using chance and trusting the process...

Team #6

Team #6 "Urban Mutation"
Tracy Herman, Anne Hart Chay, Cristian Koshock, Cave Metal

"Urban Mutation" certainly did mutate! It started with materials that had no rhyme or reason until we configured them to create a strange, city-inspired piece. There was the jagged board from a torn down building and wings from an abandoned project and ideas for an "Urban Angel." We were never really able to work on the piece altogether but each of us added something crucial. The piece ultimately transformed into its final stage and is an homage to our own rapidly changing city.

Team #7

Team #7 "Dogwoods"
David Bromley, Althea Nicole, Michael R. O'Neal, Margaret Scott

We had a back and forth discussion via email until we decided upon our theme and presentation.

Team #8

Team #8 "Untitled"
Santa De Haven, Greig Leach, Rachel Lott, Michael Noyes

Team #8 started with Santa De Haven applying collage elements of found images of fabric and forms to the panel. Michael Noyes playfully responded to the color and shapes (and some holes in the panel) with geometric cut paper elements. Rachel Lott added pattern with clay forms that pump up the color. And Greig Leach added painterly floral elements. This piece is lively and light. A fun visual statement statement for a family room, kids' room or casual dining area. Beautifully framed. Just take home and enjoy!

Team #9

Team #9 "Untitled"
Jessica Sims, Beth Beaven Jasper, Lisa Levine, Heidi Thacker

We met as a group on a beautiful day near the James River and discussed our processes and practices as artists. Inspired by the beauty of the setting (and celebrations occurring around us as we met during the Richmond Folk Festival), we decided on celebrations and patterns in nature as our theme. We set parameters for the sizes of the works and some consistency in the pallets. We shared images of the works in process and decided on a grid pattern for the installation. All of the works are interchangeable, as they are attached to 4 backing panels with Velcro. The owner of the work would be free to arrange the works any way they like, displaying the grouping as a four foot piece, or 4 separate two foot panels. It was a very fun and joyous project from beginning to end and pushed all of us to work with mediums and subject matter outside of our normal studio habits.

Team #10

Team #10 "Convergence"
Melanie Kluender, Margery Albertini, Jim Black, Spencer Turner

We decided that each team member would complete a 12"x48" vertical piece, so that our final piece would be 48" square. We all work in very different media, so decided to make them work together using size and color. All members used black and white elements to tie the 4 pieces together.

Team #12

Team #12 "Untitled"
Tara Morand, Lynn Murphy, Joe Olney, Keithley Pierce

Team #13

Team #13 "Flights of Fancy"
Randi Newman Hill, Ian Glass, Laura Graham, Alice Husak

Team #14

Team #14 "Untitled"
Erin Willett, Amelia Salisbury, Buddy Terrell

Since the members of our team were not all located in Richmond, we had to figure out a way to collaborate on works by sending items in the mail and emailing images of works as we were working on them. The secondary challenge that we had to overcome is that we all worked in different mediums. We devised a shipping and works plan so that we were all able to work together and within our own mediums. The general process was first, Amelia and Erin both send 1 in-progress work to each other. Second, Amelia and Erin sent the drawing/2D work in which they had worked onto Paul. Next Paul created a ceramic work based on the drawings. After that, Erin and Amelia sent each other 1 drawing/artwork based on Paul's ceramic sculpture and Erin and Amelia added to drawings. Finally Paul made a final ceramic work based on the second set of drawings. It was a lovely experience and very interesting to collaborate with artists that you've never met.

Team #15

Team #15 "unlocked"
Laurie Hoen, Emma Lou Martin, Keith Ramsey, Linda Shields

As a team, we all agreed that our styles and favorite media were different and that we wanted to find a way to combine these in a way that would be engaging. We hoped to allow each artist's work to be detected in a combined composition on one panel. One of the members of our group lives out of town, so we knew we were not likely to be able to work together in a studio at the same time. We decided to take one large panel and separate it into eight different pieces with each of us taking two. We liked the theme of locks and keys as a metaphor for this collaborative process and decided that we would tie all of our panels together around a central reference to a key hole. Once that image was mapped out, and we discussed possible color schemes for the panels, we all disappeared into our own studios to look for inspiration. We were delighted when we got back together the week before the opening to see how different everyone's approach had been, but how well they all came back together as a whole. We think this process and our resulting piece did truly unlock the potential of collaboration!

Team #16

Team #16 "City Layers: Four Views"
Alice Anne Ellis, Ronald Walton, Dennis Winston, Roman Zelgatas

This was a true collaboration: we met as a group twice, and worked on the piece together. At our first meeting we agreed on a size (36" x 36"), medium (paper, to be mounted on panel), and theme (downtown Richmond). We then worked independently on paper and brought our work to our second meeting a couple of weeks later. There, our original ideas evolved in a very satisfying way to incorporate all the work we had in front of us. We arrived at the title through brainstorming together at that session. "City Layers: Four Views" seemed to fit perfectly, both in a conceptual and literal way!

Team #17

Team #17 "Balance"
Shannon Gilbert, Cynthia Erdahl, Tiffany Floyd, Samuel Vaughn

This work, titled Balance, is comprised of 16 panels or canvases, 4 from each artist. By comparing the 4 artists' skill sets, and work, the group noticed overlapping themes of life/death, growth/decay, man/nature and chose the overall theme of balance as inspiration for the work. Each artist worked independently on their panels, which were then assembled by Samuel Vaughn into one piece, imbued with the intention of balance.

Team #18

Team #18 "Falling"
Martin McFadden, LRPS, Nic Cossitt, Blythe King, Josh Odium

Team #19

Team #19 "Three Lights and a Shadow"
Dana Frostick, Kon Kons, Alejandro Teichberg

The KonKons are an artist couple who have been collaborating together for decades! Konst and Konstantina Konstantinov immigrated to the US from Bulgaria and have settled in Tappahanock, VA where they make their artwork and teach at a private college. Dana Frostick is a Richmond artist who acts as President of artspace gallery. Alejandro Teichberg also lives and paints in Richmond. KonKons brought a canvas to Richmond with a very textured surface and acrylic wash. The texture was created with plaster and twigs. Dana took the work from them and added her signature sharpie drawing and more acrylic wash to the surface before taking it to Alejandro's studio. From the abstract layers provided, Alejandro found and defined the figure that emerged using oil paint. The title was suggested by Konstantina who saw our group as three lights (Konst, Dana and Alejandro) and her as the shadow.

Team #20

Team #20 "Untitled"
Linda Beers-Buie, Hope Pianello, Robin Ryder, Megan Sommers

Team #20, met once, we talked about our work and decided we all like color and bold images in different medium. We met at the gallery and looked around at the hung art and decided we would each take one element- same size- stand alone pieces that could be grouped together. We shared work in progress via phone, Megan had a baby on the 10th and then we met to hang them. Very simple process.

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artroulette 2016

November 5 - December 9, 2016


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2nd installment of our collaborative fundraising event!

Opening Reception

Completed Work on View and Silent Auction Begins
at Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries
Zero E. 4th St., RVA 23224
Saturday, November 5, 2016
7-10:00 pm

Free and Open to the Public

$5 to participate in Silent Auction

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Finished Pieces on View
Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries

Zero E. 4th St., RVA 23224
Saturday, November 5 - December 9, 2016

Closing Event
Silent Auction Ends
Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries and artspace Gallery

Zero E. 4th St., RVA 23224
Friday, December 9, 2016
7-10:00 pm

Coincides with a second reception for artspace's Biennial Members' Exhibition at Artspace

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100 artists team up to benefit Artspace

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