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Selected Artist

John M. Adams

Reston, VA

'Between the Owl and the Crow' by John M. Adams

Between the Owl and the Crow
Acrylic, pH neutral artist tape, latex house paint on gatorboard, cold wax varnish / 40 x 32 x .5 inches

Artist Statement

My artwork activates the perceptual connection between artist, object, and viewer. In this new body of work I am continuing my exploration of the art object as a catalyst for contemplation and meditation for the viewer as well as the artist.

The "Current Interrupted" series consists of paintings that have been separated into strips and reconstructed in a way to create new relationships by being put into a new context. Fluid marks are juxtaposed with the regulated rhythm of sharp horizontal line breaks, which creates a fluttering vibration and tension in the paintings. Iím interested in what happens when snippets of perception are edited, reconfigured, and compartmentalized to give them new meaning through their relationship to the whole.

I'm an avid outdoorsman, I find myself equally inspired by the structures of the natural world and of those of the suburban/urban environment in which I work. The format of this work was also influenced by the birth of my son: he is with me everyday so he spends quite a bit of time with me in the studio.

The rhythm and atmosphere of my studio has been fundamentally altered; my time and attention are divided between him and the work. I quickly realized long painting sessions in which I got lost in my work were no longer a possibility. I had to find a way to be able to create continuity, flow and maintain focus in the paintings while working in 5, 10, or 15 minute snippets of time.

I was paying particular attention to the micro-relationships of positive and negative space within the paintings. I separated the paintings into strips 1.5-2 inches wide. Working one strip at a time I reconstructed the painting, placing a portion of each strip on a new surface. Once the first strip is placed the next strip is chosen and edited based on the previous strip (or strips). The process allows me to maintain the focused contemplative approach and feel while being able to build the piece at an irregular pace in a number of sessions if needed.


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