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Within Reach Within Reach 2016 Art Auction
Participating Artist

Sara Clark

Richmond, VA

'Echo,' Oil on Canvas by Sara Clark

2011, Oil on Canvas, 24x24x2.5 inches
Retail Value $1,200

Artist Statement

In my work, the depicted objects and forms are influenced by topology, a branch of mathematics. In topology, renderings of shapes are used to study aspects of space, dimension, and transformation without regard to measurement of distance or angle. Transformations are shown by way of bending, folding, and stretching shapes to examine their various incarnations. These manipulations do not change the essential, or qualitative, nature of the forms. I use this visual vocabulary to create compositions that offer a world of highly-saturated painted form which is inspired by art history, science, and popular graphic imagery.


Website: www.saraclarkart.com/Artist.asp?ArtistID=28828&Akey=G5XBHL89

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