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Within Reach Within Reach 2016 Art Auction
Participating Artist

Robin Ryder

Richmond, VA

'Teapot,' Acrylic on Canvas, by Robin Ryder

2012, Acrylic on Canvas, 20x20 inches
Retail Value $400

Artist Statement

Robin Ryder is an artist living and working in Richmond, Va.  As a former archaeologist he is interested in the relationships that people have with the objects (material culture) that are part of the everyday environment and what those objects have to say about the people who used them in the past.  As an artist, he is interested shape, layering, process and emotional connection.  Teapot shards are often used by archaeologists to help establish chronology and social behavior at the sites from which they are recovered.  The shape of a teapot is immediately recognizable across cultures and teapots themselves represent many different kinds of connection.  Robin's teapot paintings focus on the teapot shape as a stage for experiments in the process of painting, specifically explorations of ways in which different viscosities of paint interact, mingle, create barriers to movement or create pathways for paint to flow, and create surprising color, sometimes mixing, sometimes not.  They are expressive of Robin’s approach to art: spontaneous and joyful.

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