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Within Reach Within Reach 2016 Art Auction
Participating Artist

David R. White

Richmond, VA

'Hulls,' Fabricated Color Photograph Montage - Unique Print 1 of 1, by David R. White

2013, Fabricated Color Photograph Montage - Unique Print 1 of 1, 40x32 inches
Retail Value $1,000

Artist Statement

The work selected for Within Reach Hulls is a part of a body of work conceived in 2011 and on-going. Both represent my continual interest with the concept of fabricating photographs or creating the entirety of the image without a plan. I start with a ground or base image and add elements to enhance its dream like essence plus much emphasis on giving the work a strong sense of the 3rd dimension. Basically I build the piece in many layers.

The final architecture of an image is an integration of analog photographs with elements of digital photography ,drawing, and color embellishment. No narratives are intended. The objective is to give the viewer a visual dream maze for exploration of new forms and shapes. Two words drive the project: Interference and Obfuscation. When information is added it removes partial information and simultaneously creates another level of said.

Some direct art historical references in the overall body-of-work are the painter Piet Mondrian, and the Surrealists but not limited totally to said. In literature concepts within Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift augment these works via disproportional elements.

Production of a final piece has taken as little as 4 weeks or as long as 6 months. Only one print is produced 30" by 40" for each image. I started working in this style in 1978 with film/camera images and gradually entered the digital world for the final production of a piece. At this point in my career I have fabricated over 75 works. It never ends.


Website: David R. White Visual Artist/Independent Curator via LINKEDIN

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