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Within Reach Within Reach 2016 Art Auction
Participating Artist

Dana Frostick

Richmond, VA

'The Forest in the Weeds,' by Dana Frostick

The Forest in the Weeds
2010, Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas, 60x36 inches
Retail Value $3,000

Artist Statement

My contribution to the Within Reach auction is "The Forest in the Weeds," a favorite of my friend and patron, Jeffrey P. Blick, who passed away on December 31, 2015. Jeff was a Full Professor of Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA. He held several academic degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Anthropology with Specialization in Latin American Archaeology and a Master of Arts (MA) in Anthropology from University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Science (MS) in Geography with Specialization of Environmental Analysis from University of Alabama, and a Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, in Sociology and Anthropology from Virginia Commonwealth University. His archeological research took him to Colombia, South America, San Salvador Island, Bahamas, and Weyanoke Old Town Virginia where he uncovered the largest collection of Native American dogs in the New World.

Before he became sick, Jeff had expressed a desire to purchase "The Forest in the Weeds," so I chose this piece for the auction to honor him. The patterns reminded him of kente cloth African prints. My work frequently evolves into ancient and tribal patterns like this. I believe this is because in my process, I am opening myself up to the creative unconscious, both in my attempt to let the art develop on its own and in my use of doodling to create the piece. Doodling is like yoga for the mind, freeing the brain from the demands of the word and clearing a path for inspiration. I am donating 50% of the proceeds to artspace and the other 50% to The Heart Failure Society of America in honor of Jeff's memory.

With my "Elaborate Doodles," my goal is to allow the artwork to control its own eventual outcome. To achieve this, I take steps to prevent my influence from directing the piece and never begin with a preconceived idea of what I want to create. The drawing is done in sharpie alone to allow for accidents and to prevent reworking a line or pattern. The first marks are applied in a gestural method without me looking at the piece, then patterns are revealed in the spaces created by these first lines. The paint is applied in layers between the sharpie after letting the image seep into my brain so that colors present themselves to me. The artwork is turned periodically to open new areas of perception into the piece. Each layer is influenced by the previous layer as the piece is built up to its conclusion. When no more areas appear to need work, I begin to see ideas and stories in the patterns created, allowing me to extract the titles from each finished piece.

Please note: "The Forest in the Weeds," may be hung in either a vertical (Forest) or horizontal (Weeds) orientation.

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