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Within Reach Within Reach 2016 Art Auction
Participating Artist

Ashley V. Cogbill

Glen Allen, VA

'Coneflowers' by Ashley V. Cogbill

2015, Giclée print on watercolor paper, 16x20 inches
Retail Value $200

'Sunflower' by Ashley V. Cogbill

2015, Giclée print on watercolor paper, 16x20 inches
Retail Value $200

Artist Statement

As an Art Educator I think it's important to be a practicing artist, not only to understand the creative process but also to have an outlet that fulfills my creative passions and makes me a happier person. Making art pushes me to look at the world through a different lens, see things from a new perspective, and find beauty in everyday life. I used to draw or paint portraits of children & animals, but time and space limited me to making only a few pieces of art per year (mostly around the holidays when I had extra time and needed gifts for family and friends). I wanted to create something more easily year-round that gave me instant gratification, so I started using my digital camera to capture the fine art images that I yearned to make. Learning to master the camera manually took patience and practice, but once I learned to use the camera controls manually I started clicking away, and when I saw the images appear on the screen I became obsessed with taking the perfect shot. I started doing photography using a beginner digital camera with a zoom lens, then I progressed to a professional digital camera body, lens, & flash to take my work to the next level. I learned the importance of valuing my craft & treating it as more than just a hobby. I learned to put a price on my work and began offering my services for cheap (instead of free), to start building a professional portfolio. Before taking this leap of faith, I took a basic digital photography class at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center and assisted a professional photographer to gain practical knowledge & experience. "Coneflower" was one of the first photos I ever took with my professional camera. I was just hanging out on my balcony one afternoon in August 2015 watching my daughter play, and the light was perfect so I got my camera, looked through the view finder, found the perfect composition looking down at the coneflowers, and took a shot. The flowers seemed to stare up at me as if demanding my attention and posing for the camera. "Sunflower" was more random, as it was something that caught my eye at the Lakeside Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning while I was browsing for fresh produce. The tall sunflower stalks stood out from the crowd with their bright yellow petals shining in the sun & radiating light. So I walked over to a bunch of sunflowers, knelt down beside them, looked up at one which contrasted nicely against the cool blue sky in the background, and took a shot. Both photos remind me of something Vincent van Gogh might appreciate if he were alive today. Both "Coneflower" and "Sunflower" go together because they remind me of light-hearted summer days when I could bask in the warm sunshine, and that helps me chase away the winter blues.


Website: https://photosbyashleyc.wordpress.com

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