2013 Exhibition Season
31 E. Third St.
Richmond, VA 23224
phone: 804.232.6464
fax: 804.232.6465
Mailing address:
Zero East 4th Street
Richmond, VA 23224
Business Hours: Tues.-Sun. 12-4 PM and by appointment

artspace's exhibition season runs from January to December. The Exhibition Committee reviews proposals throughout the year. Proposals may be submitted at any time. Proposers will be notified whether they have been placed on the exhibition calendar for the coming year.


  • Except for special shows (which require prior approval) only artspace members may submit proposals for use of the entire gallery.

  • Proposers may indicate suggested co-exhibitors (those who exhibit during the same month, but in a different gallery), if any, with whom they would like to share the same month and are asked to indicate preferred gallery space, but the final decision rests with the Exhibition Committee. Its decisions are based on numerous factors, including size and number of works (for gallery designation) and compatibility of subject matter, style and media (for co-exhibitor designation).

  • Proposals may be made for individual, group or joint shows. Joint shows are shows for two artists with inter-related works who intend for their works to be shown together in the same gallery.

  • The Exhibition Committee will not accept a proposal for a body of work that has already been shown in Richmond or the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area. Proposals must be for new work or work new to this area.

  • Proposals must accurately reflect the nature of the works proposed to be presented in the show. If a proposal is accepted and the works brought to the gallery for hanging prior to the show are not consistent with the nature and quality of the works presented in the proposal, artspace reserves the right to cancel the show.

    Please familiarize yourself with our Exhibition Guidelines, before submitting your proposal.


    NAME: ___________________________________________________________

    ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________



    PHONE: (w) _______________(h)__________________ (cell)____________

    E-MAIL: __________________________________________________________

    MEDIUM: ________________________________________________________

    PREFERRED MONTHS: ___________________________________________

    AVOID MONTHS: _________________________________________________

    GALLERY PREFERENCE*: ________________________________________

    Have you ever exhibited at Artspace before? _____________
    If so, when? _____________



    * artspace is a 501(c)(3) organization. To help meet overhead expenses, it must charge a fee for each gallery. The fee is proportionate to the size of the gallery. For the floor plan, please check our website ( or request a copy. The fees are: Main Gallery ($300 non-member fee/$250 member fee); Helena Davis Gallery ($125/$100); Frable Gallery ($125/100).

    PROPOSAL CHECKLIST (All must be enclosed.)

    ___________10 slides or comparable images (labeled with name, title, medium, size and location of top, if slides)


    ___________ Artistís statement on the nature/intent of works/exhibit

    ___________ Physical description of proposed exhibit

    ___________Application Fee ($25). This applies to all proposers, including members.

    ___________SASE (Artspace will return all materials sent, if SASE is provided, to those who are not selected. If selected to exhibit, several images and all materials will be retained.)

    ___________OTHER ENCLOSURES (optional; please describe):_________




  • Hanging and taking down their show

  • An exhibition fee, depending on the gallery selected. See above fee list.

  • Providing, in a timely fashion, publicity information and images for use in publicity and postcard, show signage and 200 copies of the price list for the Opening

  • Exhibitors share equally the cost of the show's postcard (as of September 2008, the cost is $70 per exhibitor). artspace will design and prepare 2,000 copies (1,500 to be mailed to its mailing list, with the remaining for exhibitors' and gallery use) This cost must be paid no later than two months prior to the show.

  • Providing food (not beverages) and serving supplies for the opening reception. Catering options are available. Artspace will provide a cash bar.

    For additional information on Exhibition Proposal and Exhibition Guidelines, check our website or call artspace (804) 232-6464 during business hours.