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artroulette 2018 Teams

Team #1

"Mushrooms" by Team #1
Jeanne Schlesinger (professional), Melvina Roane (teacher/Tucker), Vivian Galvan (student/Tucker), Dayani Robinson (student/Tucker)

The four of us met the evening of the roulette team choices and we really enjoyed brainstorming together. We first settled on the theme of nature, and then were able to narrow that down to mushrooms. That idea resonated with all four of us, so mushrooms it was! Melvina and her two students wanted to create paintings and Jeanne wanted to create art with a photograph and add objects to the canvas print of that photograph. So we decided on three 12 x 12 paintings and one 8 x 12 piece to hang together that complemented each other, but that each reflected the creativity of the individual artist. Shortly before the deadline, Melvina and Jeanne exchanged pictures of the artwork-in-progress (Melvina for her and her 2 students) and Jeanne for her one piece. The main challenge we had was finding a time that Jeanne and Melvina could meet together to hang the four pieces. That finally was successfully coordinated and we met to hang the four pieces together in a meaningful way. Even though everyone had worked creatively on their own, the muse had connected us with each other. In the end, all four of the works of art looked wonderful together and created a very cohesive exhibit. It was a wonderful project!

Team #2

"Helping Hands" by Team #2
Cave Metal (professional), Jeff Hall (teacher/Maggie Walker), Eileen Morley (student/Maggie Walker), Mia Rodriguez (student/Maggie Walker), Jacqueline Yu (student/Maggie Walker)

For this project, Coach Hall created five identical triangles out of wood, and we projected and traced an image over the pentagon the triangles create when put together. We then each took one triangle home and manipulated it in our own unique styles whilst remaining true to the central image. We wanted to represent the charitable nature of ArtRoulette and the idea of giving in general. Therefore, we used hands as a symbol for compassion and reaching out to help those in need.

Team #3

"Shift" by Team #3
Rob Ryder (professional), Lindsey Hurlburt(teacher/Godwin), N'kira Brooks (student/James River)

We met and decided that it would be fun if each of us began a piece that we could then combine into a single piece and all work on together. Lindsey suggested we work with a general theme of transformation/metamorphosis. Each of us began a piece on paper that measured 8” x 24” and worked on it for about a week before getting together to decide how to arrange these on a single 24" square canvas. A second get together at Rob’s studio was arranged so that we could work together on the piece as a whole. N’Kira took the lead in deciding what we needed to do to unify the individual pieces into one and we all worked on it together, discussing possibilities, exploring different media, and enjoying the collaborative process. Gathered around the studio worktable, each of us had a hand in working over the entirety of the piece, listening to it and each other as we transformed the work from three distinct interpretations of the theme to a unified whole.

Team #4

"Communicate" by Team #4
Ron Walton (professional), Melanie Kluender (teacher/Atlee), Kennedy Billups (student/ Atlee), Jordan Murry (student/Atlee)

These four individual pieces communicate with each other to form our collaborative work. This communication is created using a visual vocabulary of color, shape, pattern, and line. By limiting the color palette to red, blue, black and white, the four works are cohesive. The shapes and patterns are repeated throughout each smaller piece. These small circles, dashed lines, and curves are important elements of each work and the work as a whole. Each artist was permitted to work in their own style to maintain the integrity of their work. Although each piece individually is very different, they seem to talk to each other, reaching across the confines of the panels.

Team #5

"Kool Patterns" by Team #5
Paul "Buddy" Terrell (professional), Elizabeth Mehalko (teacher/Highland Springs), Isaiah D. Taylor (student/Highland Springs)

The three of us shared the media we liked to work with. Isaiah showed us some of his drawings that had figurative imagery with abstract abstract mark making. Elizabeth’s painting process would work with the mark making as would Paul’s random carbon marks from the Naked Raku process. We decided to have Isaiah and Elizabeth work on panels that could be cut to tiles that would work with Paul’s ceramic tiles. We all worked from a cool pallet. The tiles were mounted using two from each artist for the horizontal rows and and one each with the vertical. We discussed and decided to use grout as the final unifying element.

Team #6

"Monsters of Mild Temperament" by Team #6
Martin McFadden (professional), Charity Bradby (student/Henrico), Virginia Suddarth (student/Henrico)

Our group created this piece stemming from the idea that we don't pay enough attention to our surroundings. Born from a simple conversation of our strengths, weaknesses, and interests, this piece contains a small part of who each of us are as artists. While we only met a few times, we passed along the piece like an assembly line until we were satisfied with the end result.

Team #7

"Stars" by Team #7
Margaret Scott (professional), Anne Savedge (professional), Reagan McCullough(student/James River)

Our inspiration was "stars". We decided that since we were a very disparate bunch, we would just each do our own thing.

Team #8

"Jacob's Ladder" by Team #8
Donna Frostick (professional), Elizabeth Vesely (teacher/Midlothian), Tess Wladar (student/Midlothian)

Team #8 wanted to create something interactive for the viewer. The concept we wanted to depict is the flow of the seasons into each other. We liked the way Jacob's ladders offer two presentation faces, and decided to make the piece a variant of a traditional ladder. Tess and Elizabeth designed and constructed the piece and passed it off to Donna to complete the painting. Viewers are invited to turn the red knob to experience both sides of the piece.

Team #9

"Peace Djinn" by Team #9
Todd Hale (professional), Anastasiia Ziminia (student/Godwin)

Anastasiia and Todd chose and manipulated each others work and created digital collages that were then cut up and rearranged again on canvas. The title of the piece "Peace Djinn" is also a mashup titles from both artists.

Team #10

"Foreground/Middleground/Background" by Team #10
Michael Pierce (professional), Dawn Vass (teacher/Varina), Robert Cain (student/Varina), Gabrielle Tyler (student/Varina), Cassidy Barnes (student/Varina)

The five of us met up and took a sheet of paper to lay out a landscape with simple horizontal graphite lines indicating foreground, middle ground, and background. Then we cut the paper into five vertical strips. And took them and each worked on our strip independently. We came back together, re-combined the vertical strips, and made a few adjustments here and there.

Team #11

"Rhythm Blues" by Team #11
Douglas D'Urso (professional), Cristian Koshock (teacher/Armstrong), Barry Coker (student/Armstrong)

Team 11's piece is entitled "Rhythm Blues" It was a true, round-robin experience, with the canvas exchanging hands and developing as each mark was made. It is framed in poplar and measures 2'x2'. Our student artist, Barry Coker began with the musical theme and lines, which was picked up by our second artist, a budding pianist, who added collaged elements and lines / strokes. The piece concluded in the same space of its origin, with more mark making and smudging, added colors and interactive clay figurines, which can be repositioned by using magnets (on the back of the canvas). Enjoy!

Team #12

"Microcosms" by Team #12
Dana Frostick (professional), Sam Vaughn (teacher/Henrico), Amina Coleman-Davis (student/ Henrico), Greta Myers (student/ Henrico)

Our team worked on individual pieces focused on a central theme of the abstraction of nature and particularly, the idea of microcosms. Each artist provided their own board and materials and the team met several times at Henrico H.S. to evaluate our progress and get a feel for each other’s palettes.

Team #13

"All That Remains" by Team #13
Lauren Cifranic (professional), Tiffany Floyd (professional), Karrey Yuan (student/ Godwin)

As a group, the agreed theme was “elements”. Each artist addressed the theme in their own way, making a contribution to the piece. Then, the piece was passed along . As the piece evolved, consideration was taken based off what had been done previously.

Team #14

"Shake Hands" by Team #14
Jessica Lee Sims (professional), Jaime Barnett (teacher/Clover Hill), Randa Rising (student/Clover Hill), Diego Gomez Garcia (student/Clover Hill)

Our collaboration was directly inspired by a photograph Diego took in Spain. Jessica initiated the process by creating an abstract painting which Diego, Randa and Jaime worked on top of. We used acrylic paint, india ink and found collage materials to depict how we each interpreted the photograph.

Team #15

"Eggstravaganza" by Team #15
Heidi Thacker (professional), Dana Morris (teacher/Godwin), Sarah Ingersoll (student/Godwin)

Our team met together first to brainstorm a theme for our artwork. We decided on a theme and a process, which helped to give an order to who would have the artwork first, second and last. We each had a week to create our section of the artwork.

Team #16

"Just 4 Luck" by Team #16
Alice Anne Ellis (professional), Tara Morand (professional), Anne Hart Chay (professional), Sarah Alicia Chay (student)

The artists decided to work independently on individual panels, but first they met to discuss a theme. As they worked, they shared photos and more ideas blossomed. Then they met again for some final details. They felt this was a very creative, stimulating and productive collaboration. They hope you enjoy the work as much as they did!

Team #17

"Wave" by Team #17
Brigette Newberry (professional and teacher/Open High), Theo Hall (student/Open High), Adrain Hammack (student/Open High)

A collaboration of 2 students and a teacher. The students began with images from magazines from the 50's, putting in social commentary on gender, smoking and life in America at that time. The atomic bomb was added as a social issue and the piece of the work stitched back together after the Atomic Bomb. The artists worked individually. The title was discussed together.

Team #18

"Scratching Around" by Team #18
Linda Beers-Buie (professional), Alice Husak (professional), Aubrey Premock (student/James River)

Team 18 (Linda Beers-Buie, Alice Husak, Aubrey Premock) made a piece titled Scratching Around. We met once and decided on a rooster theme using saturated and bold colors. We each went home and using various different materials created our roosters. I used oil pastel on sandpaper. Alice worked with gouache, ink, acrylic on wax. Aubrey worked in alcohol markers on paper. It was assembled and titled.

Team #19

"Woven Together" by Team #19
Gretchen Marr (professional), Kristen Joswick (teacher/Midlothian), Isabel Dingus (student/Midlothian)

This collaboration began with a conversation. Three of us contributing both our ideas and our back stories. It turns out, much like a braid, our conversation seemed to “weave” together as we were talking and meeting for the first time. Our ideas grew in a very organic way and we juxtaposed that soft, natural flow with the hard, rigidness of a few braids inside the boxes, as well as the boxes themselves.

Team #20

"Respite" by Team #20
Francis Scott Horner (professional)

Scott’s team started as 3 people, but his teammates were not able to participate, so he generously contributed a piece of his own to the event.

Team #21

"Orbz" by Team #21
Brigette Newberry (professional and teacher/Open High), Haley Knight (student/Open High), Meredith Daniel (student/Open High), Sophie Hampton (student/Open High)

This work was a collaboration of 3 students. They worked independently for a week at a time- reflecting off of the work of the previous artist. Sometimes they worked in class and got feedback that way. Sometimes they worked alone. The teacher took the work and added lines and dots to bring it together. The title was decided on together.

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