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artroulette 2018 Teams

Team #1
Jeanne Schlesinger (professional), Melvina Roane (teacher/Tucker), Vivian Galvan (student/Tucker), Dayani Robinson (student/Tucker)

Team #2
Cave Metal (professional), Jeff Hall (teacher/Maggie Walker), Eileen Morley (student/Maggie Walker), Mia Rodriguez (student/Maggie Walker) Jacqueline Yu (student/Maggie Walker)

Team #3
Rob Ryder (professional), Lindsey Hurlburt(teacher/Godwin), N'kira Brooks (student/James River)

Team #4
Ron Walton (professional), Melanie Kluender (teacher/Atlee), Kennedy Billups (student/ Atlee), Jordan Murry (student/Atlee)

Team #5
Paul "Buddy" Terrell (professional), Elizabeth Mehalko (teacher/Highland Springs), Isaiah D. Taylor (student/Highland Springs)

Team #6
Martin McFadden (professional), Charity Bradby (student/James River), Virginia Suddarth (student/Henrico)

Team #7
Margaret Scott (professional), Anne Savedge (professional), Reagan McCullough(student/James River)

Team #8
Donna Frostick (professional), Elizabeth Vesely (teacher/Midlothian), Tess Wladar (student/Midlothian)

Team #9
Todd Hale (professional), Anastasiia Ziminia (student/Godwin)

Team #10
Michael Pierce (professional), Dawn Vass (teacher/Varina), Robert Cain (student/Varina), Gabrielle Tyler (student/Varina), Cassidy Barnes (student/Varina)

Team #11
Douglas D'Urso (professional), Cristian Koshock (teacher/Armstrong), Barry Corker(student/Armstrong)

Team #12
Dana Frostick (professional), Sam Vaughn (teacher/Henrico), Amina Coleman-Davis (student/ Henrico), Greta Myers (student/ Henrico)

Team #13
Lauren Cifranic (professional), Tiffany Floyd (professional), Karrey Yuan (student/ Godwin)

Team #14
Jessica Lee Sims (professional), Jaime Barnett (teacher/Clover Hill), Randa Rising, (student/Clover Hill), Diego Gomez Garcia, (student/Clover Hill)

Team #15
Heidi Thacker (professional), Dana Morris (teacher/Godwin), Sarah Ingersoll (student/Godwin)

Team #16
Alice Anne Ellis (professional), Tara Morand (professional), Anne Hart Chay (professional), Sarah Alicia Chay (student)

Team #17
Linda Shields (professional), Randi Newman Hill (professional), Lindsey Schwartzkopf (student/Godwin)

Team #18
Linda Beers-Buie (professional), Alice Husak (professional), Aubrey Premock (student/James River)

Team #19
Gretchen Marr (professional), Kristen Joswick (teacher/Midlothian), Isabel Dingus (student/Midlothian)

Team #20
Francis Scott Horner (professional), Tatiana Graf (student/James River)

Team #21
Brigette Newberry (professional and teacher/Open High), Theo Hall (student/Open High), Haley Knight (student/Open High), Meredith Daniel (student/Open High), Adrain Hammack (student/Open High), Sophie Hampton (student/Open High)

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artroulette 2018

October 26 - December 16, 2018


take a chance on artspace

Announcing the third installment of our collaborative fundraising event!

Opening Reception

Completed Work on View and Online Auction Begins
at Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries
Zero E. 4th St., RVA 23224
Saturday, December 1, 2018
2-4:00 pm

Free and Open to the Public

Register to Bid Online - Free to Register

Check back here soon for auction site

Closing Event
Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries

Zero E. 4th St., RVA 23224
Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 4-6:00 pm
Online Auction Ends 5:00 pm

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