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Dana Frostick's mixed media work is a combination of drawing and painting. Her goal is to allow the artwork to control its eventual outcome. To achieve this, she takes steps to prevent her influence from overcoming the piece and never begins with a preconceived idea of what she wants to create. The drawing is done in sharpie alone to allow for accidents and to prevent reworking a line or pattern. The first lines are applied in a gestural method without her looking at the piece, then she traces the patterns that appear as they define themselves across the canvas.

The paint is applied in layers between the sharpie after letting the image seep into her brain so that colors present themselves to her. The artwork is turned periodically to open new areas of perception into the piece. Each layer is influenced by the previous layer as the piece is built up to its conclusion. When no more areas appear to need work, Frostick begins to see ideas and stories in the patterns created, allowing her to extract the titles from each finished piece.

Frostick never uses computers or cameras in her artwork because she wants to embrace her human mark - its perfect imperfection. For Frostick, the raw and immediate line she gets from hand drawing and painting is a more attuned expression of the patterns and ideas that make up our human history. Technological devices are too predictable and perfect, filtering out much of the information and the randomness that is available. Software doesn't allow for the appearance of chance as it uses predetermined responses to mathematical equations. For Frostick, the process of creation involves coaxing order out of chaos. It represents the battle between fate and chance.


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