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Selected Artist

Mary F Vivo

Richmond, VA

Honorable Mention

'Nathan's Famous 1945' by Mary F. Vivo

Nathan's Famous 1945

'34th Street Station 1970s' by Mary F. Vivo

34th Street Station 1970s

Artist Statement

"Creating "Housculptures" helps me connect with different structures and their surroundings and to show their importance and simplicity. An old barn, once vital but perhaps forgotten, is resurrected. I am able to combine the use of a variety of materials that I like to work with mainly: wood, colored pencil, paper, markers and paint.

My choice of subject, which has evolved from single buildings to scenes, is usually connected to an important memory a Brooklyn landmark, an Italian festival that I piece together to recapture the feeling of a certain place and time. I select my materials as close as possible to the original structure and landscape.

My current work brings together my past and present: my past love of certain places and my exploration of new places and buildings along with my love for detail.

The piece is complete after I add minor, but important individual nuances that help make the "Housculpture" come alive."

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