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Selected Artist

Cristin Millett

State College, PA

Best in Show

'Slip of the Tongue– for Anthony' by Cristin Millett

Slip of the Tongue– for Anthony
cast iron, silver and silver-plate spoons, wood frame

'"Very Fine People on Both Sides" – for Barlaam of Antioch' by Cristin Millett

"Very Fine People on Both Sides" – for Barlaam of Antioch
cast iron, polyurethane plastic, cotton, steel, engineered wood fiberboard

Artist Statement

"Growing up in a medical household, I was surrounded by discussions focused on the human body: its diseases, diagnosis, and treatments. In my family of scientists those conversations continue to this day, and the profound effect that exposure has had on my art continues. My research focuses on our eternal fascination with the human reproductive system and challenges perceptions of the female anatomy. I approach my work using a very systematic method, grounding myself in research on the history of medicine. An extension of my research includes "sacred anatomy," a term coined by literary historian Jonathan Sawday to describe the pre-16th century practice of dismembering cadavers, particularly nobility and saints, in order to disperse the remains for widespread worship.

"Very Fine People on Both Sides” - for Barlaam of Antioch references the events of August 11, 2017, where a group of white supremacists carrying tiki torches marched through Charlottesville, Virginia, resulting in three deaths. In responding to the events, President Trump remarked, "You also had some very fine people of both sides." St. Barlaam was an early 4th century martyr, persecuted for his refusal to renounce his Christian faith. After days of torture, Barlaam was placed in front of a pagan altar, where his hand was covered with incense and held over burning coals. Any movement from his hand would cause the incense to fall on the coals, a public act of sacrifice to the idols. Instead, Barlaam endured the pain in perfect stillness, he resisted, and his hand never flinched.

Slip of the Tongue – for Anthony is comprised of a cast iron tongue from which spills silver and silver-plate spoons. St. Anthony was known for his powerful preaching. He died in 1231. Curiously, when his body was exhumed 32 years later, it had completely decomposed, except for his tongue. In the piece, an abundance of silver spoons spews from the mouth, so much so, that they collect in a pile on the floor like vomit."

Website: https://www.cristin-millett.com/

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