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Selected Artist

Alan D Entin

Richmond, VA

'Primavera de la Habana, la Mer y el Malecon, La Habana, Cuba, 2017-2019' by Alan D Entin

Primavera de la Habana, la Mer y el Malecon, La Habana, Cuba, 2017-2019
Digital Color Photograph

Artist Statement

"Creativity is a process and a journey; and it does not depend on the technology. I am often asked about the equipment, camera, lens or settings I use, as if knowing these would enable taking amazing photos. I use digital cameras as well as plastic, toy cameras, such as a Holga Camera, to make images, cameras that are capable of producing multiple images in a single frame. When I am interested in creating an accurate record of people, places or events, I generally use a Single Lens Reflex Digital Camera. However, for me, as beautiful as the resulting images may be, they are generally not art; they are simply records shot and reproducible by almost anyone. Expressing my unique vision, telling my own story, makes it art.

I use cameras, which enables me to create magical and dreamlike impressionistic images that reflect my vision. Cameras that allow me to produce multiple exposures to create in-camera photographic collages (layered images), photographs that can be read many times and in many ways to reveal the wealth of information they contain. Thus, I am able to break free from dependence on technology, precision, and sharpness to explore my inner world. I want my photographs to reflect my unique experience of time, place, and space and to simulate questions in the viewers’ mind as to why those pictures were taken and what thoughts and feelings they produced in the viewers.

"Primavera de la Habana..." was created using the double exposure option of a FujifilmX100F Camera. While the color and saturation were tweaked in photoshop, the image was not altered or "photoshopped." It is a color digital photograph."

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