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Selected Artist

Judith Ely

Charlottesville, VA

'Deep Woods' by Judith Ely

Deep Woods

Artist Statement

"Satisfaction comes for me if my paintings bring you a desire to explore with your own thoughts. My pleasure is using unique ways of working to draw you into a personal and perhaps spiritual place. Using acrylic paint, with collage and other materials for mark making, a variety of underlying shapes and patterns are built up. This stage becomes several layers of acrylic paint and collage. With tools to scratch through the layers and with acrylic markers and oil pastels the work becomes very colorful and has contrasting values. The problem solving which I love is next in order to come up with my composition. I use spontaneous thought to see what is developing with values, colors and negative space. And even after that the painting may evolve into a different composition as new ideas spring up. The process I use keeps me on my toes and always makes me enthused to paint.
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