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Selected Artist

Jennifer Creef

Williamsburg, VA

'Selecting Pathways Left by High Habitats' by 	Jennifer Creef

Selecting Pathways Left by High Habitats

Artist Statement

By creating these hybrid landscapes, in my series "Meditation on the Middle Ground," I am capturing the essence of place. I begin by interweaving the imagery taken in the natural environment and then merge them together to create an alternate reality. These images represent an otherworldly environment and evoke a feeling of a primordial, untouched or abandoned landscape.

"Selecting Pathways Left by High Habitats," is one in the series that is immersive and embodies chapters of my experiences. The mystery and ambiguity within this piece urges the viewer to expand their vision of reality.

It is in the little things that keep everything together and it is in the small details that allow a bigger picture to arise.

Jennifer Creef


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