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Selected Artist

Ian C. Hess

Richmond, VA

'Cracked Crusader' by Ian C. Hess

Cracked Crusader
Acrylic, House Paint, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Paint Pen

'Warmly Remembered' by Ian C. Hess

Warmly Remembered
Acrylic, House Paint, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Paint Pen

Artist Statement

Ian C. Hess' work has taken on a wide array of expressions ever since his December 2016 shift to full time artist and creative director of Endeavor Studios. His work has taken on many different forms, meanings, materials, and concentrations - it will continue to evolve quickly as his artistic capabilities improve. As of recent, Hess has found in his personal work a focus of reference on Grecko-Roman busts as paintings.

In studying portraiture, Ian found a resonance with antiquity and iconoclasm that's resulted in bizarre color palettes, fractured forms, and emotional expressions through recognizable imagery. While the panels he works on are treated as objects in themselves, his focus remains on working towards tromp l'oeil - while also engaging the abstract, textural use of paint itself.

Character, concept, and form are always at the center of Hess' work. Often his characters end up faceless, or their identity being the suggestion of something much bigger, or even impossible. Either heavily steeped in reference or completely from imagination, Hess' works seek to find a balance between opposites such as sharp yet soft, solid yet transparent, repetitious yet unique.

When not making work, painting murals, or taking commissions - Hess is operating things at Endeavor RVA. He hopes to find as many active artists, musicians, and creatives as possible as to build the strongest artistic community possible that supports itself and the city at large. The doors at Endeavor are continually open and supportive of anyone who walks through them.

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