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Radius 250 Radius 250 2017
Honorable Mention

Betsy Bannan

Roanoke, VA

'Wiltshire' by Betsy Bannan

Oil on linen

Artist Statement

Human intervention on the land, especially agriculture, has resulted in patterns specific to the area. The imagery in “Wiltshire” is the agricultural lands surrounding small towns and hamlets in that part of England. To me, there is a strange intimacy in these views from afar, a sort of voyeurism made possible by the relatively new ability to see our home from that point of view. I am investigating the possibilities humans have to hold many views of our home at the same time and I’m interested in how we live on tiny map points and yet they become our entire world. Viewers feel a cool disconnect from the intimacy that comes from living on the earth-experiencing the heat, topography, the grit of the surface, and how the meanings of our visual impact become complicated by human interaction and narrative. The shift of scale and the macro/micro experience of above and below are indicative of our new reality. The gravity-defying sciences of flight and satellite technology have given us an unexpectedly poetic view of our home.

This painting was created with oil sticks on linen.


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