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September 18 - October 18, 2015

Bicycle Stories

artspace and Richmond Young Writers

Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries

Kendall Lynch, Age 14
illustrated by AIMEE JOYAUX

His bicycle was red. His father gave it to him on his fifth birthday. His heart swelled with joy.
His bicycle was grey. He bought it used. The red bicycle was long gone. He had outgrown it last year and tried to throw away the memories.
His bicycle was green. It reminded him of the spring. He rode in competitions now. They swallowed up his time, but he didn't care. He was in love and thirteen.
His bicycle was brown. It made him think of the whiskey his father drank too much of. He was still in love with the wind in his hair and the pedals beneath his feet.
His bicycle was blue. It never made him smile anymore. His love for the wind was completely gone. His bicycle sat in the garage now. He was seventeen.
His bicycle was still blue. He hadn't moved it for a long time.
His bicycle was red again. He got it to remind himself of when his heart still grinned whenever he saw his first red bicycle. It worked. He was back in love and twenty-three.
His bicycle was black. It brought him more joy than he could've ever imagined. The feeling of love had been back for six years, and he never wanted it taken from him again. The bicycles were memories. They loved him and felt his bliss every day. But they remembered. They remembered the sadness and the pain and the loneliness. Despite those memories, as he raced down the city streets, they forgot.

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