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September 18 - October 18, 2015

Bicycle Stories

artspace and Richmond Young Writers

Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries

Erin Rigby, Age 14
"Tyson Learns to Ride a Bike"
illustrated by ROBERT LEONG

"Yay!" I said. After begging my brother, Percy Jackson, to help me learn how to ride a bike for months, he had finally said yes. "Why do you even want to ride a bike?" asked Percy. "I can get to places faster than having to walk," I replied. "Do you even have a bike?" questioned Percy. "I made my own," I said proudly. It took a couple weeks to build, but I wanted to make sure it was super cool. Also, since I am a cyclops, I did not know if there was one big enough for me at Walmart. The bike looked awesome! It was my favorite color, blue, and I forged it out of celestial bronze, so that if I was bike riding with Percy and we got attack by monsters, I could throw it at them. The bike could also fly. It took a while to figure out how to make it fly, but I was determined. Ever since I learned that Hermes had flying shoes with wings, I wanted to make something wings.

The wings were right in front, between me and the handle bars. The wingspan was about the same as Blackjack, my brotherís Pegasus. They were about nine feet wide when they were gliding. They were snowy white with lots of feathers. I could not figure out how to keep a few from coming off from time to time, but other than that, I am pretty sure it will fly. Since I did not know how to ride a bike while making it, I had to do some research. I asked some of the kids in the Hephaestus cabin how bikes work. "Come on," my brother said, "Letís go figure out how to ride a bike." I quickly ran to get the bike out of the forge.

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