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September 18 - October 18, 2015

Bicycle Stories

artspace and Richmond Young Writers

Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries

Dylan Dhindsa, Age 13
"Cash in My Pocket"
illustrated by ANNE SAVEDGE

Photo Illustration for Dylan Dhindsa's 'Cash in My Pocket' by Anne Savedge

It was a cold day in New York City, and I was riding home on my bicycle to get to my apartment. The crowded streets were hard to get through. I worked in a restaurant, and today had been my most successful day yet. I had a load of cash in my pocket from tips, and I was very excited.
I could see my apartment building at the end of the street, when I suddenly fell. Luckily, I hadn't fallen on top must have been two attackers, for one held their hand over my eyes and the other pushed me up against the wall.
"Help, help!" I cried, screaming out.
"Shut it!" yelled one of the men. "Now, where is your money from today?"
"What are you talking about?" I yelled. "Help!"
I managed to shake the attacker's hand off my face and I saw my new red bike lying on the sidewalk. I also saw a woman standing by it. She saw me, and pulled out her phone.
"Help!" I cried. "Call 911!"
"Be quiet, or I'll stab you!" shouted one of the men. I felt the cold blade of a knife press against my skin.
"Where's your money?" the guy demanded.
"My back pocket, please don't hurt me!" I shouted.
The attacker spun me against the wall, pushing my face into the brick. The words, "I'm not gonna die right now," pumped through my brain. I twisted out of the man's grip and kicked him hard as I could. He yelped, and I ran, looking back, fearful of the men.
"Ouch!" I shouted as I ran straight into someone. It was a police man locking his blue and white bike to a rack.
Two police officers ran into the alley, catching the people who tried to hurt me. They handcuffed the two men, just as I heard the sirens of a police car pulling up. I cried out with joy.
The two policemen pushed my attackers into the backseat of the waiting car. The policeman stood up my bike and handed it to me. The other one handed me my cash, and I was safe
The car pulled off, and the two policemen rode off on their bikes. I hopped on mine, and rode home, safe and sound.
The end!

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