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September 18 - October 18, 2015

Bicycle Stories

artspace and Richmond Young Writers

Plant Zero Project Space Hallway Galleries

Connor Webb, Age 13
"The Wormcycle"
illustrated by TIFFANY FLOYD

'Worm Cycle' - Papier Mache and Acrylic on Canvas illustration for Connor Webb's 'The Wormcycle' by Tiffany Floyd

"It is finished."
The slight scientist in his baggy lab coat stood in the threshold of his bossís office. His boss turned around and stared at him.
"Yes," the scientist said, perking up. "We are finally done!"
"Iíll see it after I am through with this," the boss said, taking a sip out of his mug and turning around.
"Bu-but, we have been working eleven years on this and you wonít come because your inbox is full!?" the scientists said, flabbergasted.
"Exactly," he replied, clicking away on his computer. "Hey! And donít talk to me like that, get back to work!"
"But I just finished," he said quietly. A dazed expression on his face, he walked down the hall, around the corner and down the stairs to the lab.
"Gertram? How did it go? Where is Rowanson?" one of the coworkers asked.
"He doesnít care," Gertram said, not looking at her. He walked up to the silver bike and stopped in front of it. The bike was beautiful, made of smoothly curved metal. There was something different about it though. It had an unusually thick handlebar in the middle with a box on top and what appeared to be a large camera lens facing forward.
Gertram took his phone out of his pocket and placed it on the top of the box. The metal seemed to melt around to the bottom of the phone and he let go and it stayed attached to the top of the bike. He opened up Google Maps and tapped in the Middle of Australia. A pin dropped on his screen.
"No, no, no NO! Gertram, it isnít time yet! What will Rowanson say? We need you, Gertram," his teammate yelled.
"Rowanson can boil his head, and I am underappreciated here."
Gertram pushed the purple button on the handlebar and pedaled as rapidly as he could. He slammed right into the whitewashed wall. The front wheel buckled and the back wheel jumped up and then there was a crackle of electricity and Gertram was gone.

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