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Friday, October 19, 2012
9:00pm until 12:00am

STILL Dancing

40 years later and we're still dancing. This event is a fundraiser for Artspace gallery, in conjunction with the exhibit STILL Here

All of the best music from 1968 - 1972 mixed with music that it inspired from today. Produced by Ron Lee. DJ Mark Mumford. You're never to old to stop dancing and you're not to cool to go retro, so put on your love beads and blow out your afro, and shake your booty!

Free / open to the public / cash bar.

artspace annex @ The Shop, 0 E. 4th St., Richmond, VA., (804) 223-0649

Formerly the Solvent Space located in the Plant Zero complex, "the Shop" is the name for the building and physical location of a multi-purpose facility that houses multiple diverse community programs. the Shop is a performance gallery/venue, and art gallery, a broadcast studio, and a recording studio. the Shop is home to SlamRichmond, Virginia's longest running poetry slam - broadcast live EVERY Saturday on, Artspace Annex, and expansion galley of Artspace , (, and MadMonkie Studios, which produces and hosts an array of community programs and events.

The following artists plan to participate in the exhibition:

  • Caleb Davis, Boston, MA

  • Madelynn Ellis, CA

  • Frederick Fulmer, Venice, CA

  • Patricia Powell Kessler, Silver Spring, MD

  • Lew Lott, Richmond, VA

  • John MacLellan, Richmond, VA

  • Alice McCabe, Petersburg, VA

  • Maureen McCarron, Provincetown, MA

  • Randi Newman, Richmond, VA

  • George Alex Norwood, Winston Salem, NC

  • Mel Odom, New York, NY

  • Michael Pierce, Richmond, VA

  • Laura Pharis, Lynchburg, VA

  • Chuck Scalin, VCU faculty, 1968 - 2003, Richmond, VA

  • Marilyn Szabo, Phoenix, AZ

September 28 - October 21, 2012


Curated by Michael Pierce

Main Gallery

STILL Here - an exhibition of artists who were at VCU School of the Arts 40 years ago

Curator Michael Pierce says of his exhibition planned for the Main Gallery: I graduated from VCU School of the Arts 40 years ago this year. And I wondered what would it be like to re-connect a group of my friends from art school 40 years later? What would their art be like now? Would their talent endure? What about their relationships? Those are some of things Iíve set out to explore with this exhibition. I want to consider whatís changed and whatís stayed the same. And since Iím still here, I want to see if I could get all of these people to return to the city where it all started.

This show will consist of representative recent artwork created by this very personal selection of artists who were at VCU School of the Arts circa 1968 - 1972 and who continue to be practicing artists. With the Vietnam War, Summer of Love, Woodstock, Andy Warhol, etc. as a backdrop for the time, this was an extraordinary time to attend art school.

Some of these artists exhibited together in 1987 at 1708 gallery in a tribute show to our friend, Bruce Cliborne, a student filmmaker and the ringleader and "founder" of the "Floyd Avenue Cultural Center" who died way too young. A few of us got together again in 2010 as part of an exhibition of bookart that Michael curated as part of a VCU interdisciplinary masterís program he was in at the time. Many of us have become re-acquainted over the past several years through facebook.

Gone: This memorial installation in the smallspace gallery will consist of images from and/or of artists who showed great potential when they were VCU art students 1968 -1972, but who are no longer with us.

WAS There: To complement Still Here and Gone, this exhibit will consist of VCU School of the Arts student artwork produced circa 1968 - 1972. This show will include artists that found out about the STILL Here exhibit on the Richmond Counterculture facebook page, as well as through other contacts. This exhibition will be installed in the adjoining Project Space gallery in plant zero. Jillian DiMarco, art director and curator for The Camel, Richmond, VA will curate this show under the direction of Michael.

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