artspace Media Release

January 10, 2006


Contact:         Dana Frostick, Administrator

Phone:           804.232.6464/ Fax: 804.232.6465


Address:        artspace @ Plant Zero

                        Zero East 4th Street

                        Richmond, VA 23224

Hours:            Wed.-Sun., 12 pm - 4 pm and by appointment


Images available upon request, previews online at


Upcoming Gallery Exhibitions @ artspace


Dates:             January 27 – February 19, 2006


Exhibitions:    The ART of GWAR

Props, Costumes and 2-D work

Main and Members’ Galleries


Mark McIntyre

Wet Trash


Helena Davis Gallery


Leigh Odom

Antarctican Cave Drawings


Frable and Foyer Galleries



Reception:     Friday, January 27 from 7-10 PM



Date:            Sunday, February 19, 2006


*Exhibition details follow*





Richmond, VA artspace, is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibitions running 1/27-2/19/06.


Costumes, props and

2-D work will be on view

during the exhibit

            Presented in the Main and Members’ galleries is The ART of GWAR.   

The Slave Pit was founded in 1985, within the bowels of Richmond Dairy. This was the year that the de-thawed Antarctican Rock-Gods GWAR first walked the earth. GWAR often found it necessary to use the human race as slaves, and the denizens of the Slate-pit were perfect fodder. 


20 years later GWAR has yet to conquer the planet. Recent excavations into the lower levels have unearthed many ancient "GWAR-tifacts" of cosmic import and cunning design. The slaves of GWAR have decided to exhibit these objects in hopes of achieving "Art Fag" status and possibly selling things for ludicrous sums of money.


To date GWAR has played over 1300 shows, toured the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe, released 10 albums and 7 full-length videos and have been nominated for 2 Grammy's. This, their 5th art opening, will include their costumes, props, paintings and drawings. 


Mark McIntyre

“Blue Trash”

Featured in the Helena Davis gallery, Wet Trash is a series of digital photographs, which artist Mark McIntyre refers to as “pixography.”  The exhibition came about quite by accident as McIntyre recuperated from a serious car accident by taking daily walks in nearby Bryan Park after serious flooding in 2004. 


Each day, the camera took McIntyre deeper and deeper into the park, especially along the creek called Jordan's Branch, and as he traveled further along that creek, the amount of trash from the flooding grew in quantity and variety, until it seemed as if he  were in some “Boschian” landscape.


He began photographing these not-so-still lives of trash, and then ended up staring at them on his computer screen. It was only when he began to fiddle with these images in his digital darkroom, that McIntyre began to see a lyrical beauty hidden in what is normally considered—and with good reason—worthless and harmful.


Leigh Odom
"I Am"

            Exhibiting in the Frable and Foyer galleries is Leigh Odom.  Odom’s Antarctican Cave Drawings are a series of mixed-media paintings in which alien worlds are uncovered through contemporary surrealism.  Odom shows his abstract paintings frequently in the Richmond area and is a highly respected tattoo artist.

Also included in Antactican Cave Drawings will be a series of portraits of GWAR band members.


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