:::: Saturday October 14th, 2006 :::: Record Label Showcase ::::

Day one of the 804noise Festival will be a FREE event with FREE Vegan fare (courtesy of Ellwood Thompsons Natural Market], focusing on two experimental and noise record labels. The Baltimore based Public Guilt Records [http://publicguilt.com ] and the Twin City/Minneapolis based Housepig Records [ http://housepig.com ].

Artspace [http://www.artspacegallery.org]
Zero E. 4th St
Richmond, VA 23224
ArtSpace #:804.232.6464
804noise #:804.317.1938
5:00pm - 11:00pm

Showcase #1 [Housepig Records]

[website][ http://www.myspace.com/lhasashoreleave ]
[mp3][ http://www.housepig.com/audio/02.%20Dikku.mp3 ]
[mp3][ http://www.housepig.com/audio/03.%20Stunning%20Tilapia.mp3 ]
Lhasa Shore Leave is a project of Richmond's Dave Saulnier. He blends processed sounds and conventional instruments into a strong droning blend reminiscent of Vibracathedral Orchestra or Sunroof! Aquarius Records called his debut ep "a gorgeous little slab of droning free rock shimmer, twenty minutes of keening, pealing, warm and warbling, fuzzy foggy dream like bliss." He is currently preparing a second release for Housepig.

[website][ http://housepig.com ]
[mp3][ http://www.housepig.com/audio/00.%20The%20Fog%20(Maritime%20I).mp3 ]
[mp3][ http://www.housepig.com/audio/00.%20Pussyfooting.mp3 ]
Oblong Box focuses on the dark, atmospheric end of the noise spectrum, creepy subterranean tones and eerie ambience. Releases have appeared from Housepig and the Fargone Records "Mugshots" series, with upcoming works including another Housepig e.p., a compilation track for Public Guilt records, and a collaborative track with Bastard Noise for their "Our Earth's Blood 4" release.

[website][ http://housepig.com ]
Juyho is a collaborative effort between Oblong Box and Surrounded, mixing OB's ethereal approach with the heavy mechanical avalanche of Surrounded, with an emphasis on improvisation, real-time performance and minimal studio editing. The debut release, "Mesothesis", is coming shortly on Housepig.

Showcase #2 [Public Guilt Records]

::::MAGICICADA (Atlanta, GA)
[website][ http://www.magicicada.com/ ]
[mp3][ http://publicguilt.com/magicicada-cause.mp3 ]
MAGICICADA is the musical life of Atlanta musician/sound designer/photographer, Christopher White. Since 1999, Mr. White has been recording and performing non-stop. Each MAGICICADA show is distinct and unique, ranging from only voice and effects to multi-instrumental performances w/ collaborators. "Everyone is Everyone" is an organic, experimental work that blends traditional, as well as folk and eastern, instruments with found objects, samplers and field recordings to create a work that varies from delicate soundscapes to harsh electronic environments. The instrumentation includes (but is not limited to): pump organ, voice, contact mics on faulty electrical lines, melodica, toys, iron balls rolling on wooden floors, accordion, cellophane, air cans, tape decks for the blind, guitar, shruti box, MARTA (Atlanta's public transit), synths, oven door (percussion,) cellos, zurna, paper, frogs in the backyard, and the remains of Hurricane Denis shaking the roof.

::::DARSOMBRA (Baltimore, MD)
[website][ http://www.darsombra.com ]
Darsombra is the solo brainchild of Brian Daniloski (member of Baltimore's avant-metal outfits Meatjack & Trephine). Leaving Meatjack & Trephine's sonic personas behind, darsombra create not a metal, but an ether. Though at times harsh and bleak, the music is ambient over hardcore - well crafted noise, over well crafted metal. Crushing hums or lullful drones of the guitar provide the backbone, as Brian layers on ethereal soundscapes, feedback or field recordings. To experience darsombra is to take an astral journey into the depths of an unexplored cave, dark and mysterious, without light as we know it, to float through realms fearful yet fascinating, to be surrounded by blackness. It is the sort of thing you seep into, you experience, you absorb, and which absorbs you.

[website][ http://www.destructoswarmbots.com/ ]
[mp3][ http://publicguilt.com/DS-HI.mp3 ]
Destructo Swarmbots creates reactionary and immediate music. Their music finds itself in opposition to conventional wisdom. Their creative output is formed in the present with no acknowledgment of the past or future temporal frameworks. No thought. No preparation. No wrong notes. Here. Now.

Destructo Swarmbots is Mike Mare and James O'Brien with a rotating line-up of auxiliary players, so a DS show could be a solo act or it could as many as five people on stage with any given assortment of instrumentation. Each show is unique.

Destructo Swarmbots has released a limited edition, s/t tour only CDr, a full length entitled ""2"" on creepydogeyes, and "The Mountain EP" on Public Guilt. DS has also completed remixes for ISIS, Trephine, Genghis Tron, and Branta X and scored the soundtrack for the film 'Satanic Suicide Slumber Party.' DS recently completed a collaboration with NJ avant hip-hop giants, Dlek, which will be released as a 12"" pic disc and CD in early 2007 by Public Guilt. Also in the works are collaborations with Japan''s Guilty Connector and Atlanta''s Magicicada.