Another Last Minute Press Release:

804noise Presents: and evening of improvised avant electronics and spazzed out improvised jazz from NYC. M.O.T.H. and Extra Life are two bands from NYC chosen by John Zorn to participate in a showcase of local musicians to pay attention to. So maybe you should too.

Monday December 4, 2006

Zero E. 4th St [Entrance]
Plant Zero Complex
Richmond, VA 23220
Contact: (804)317-1938

::::Caustic Castle
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::::Birds in the Meadow & Chefkirk
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::::M.O.T.H. feat. Ben Gerstein - Trombone [ ] & Sam Hillmer - Alto Sax (NYC)
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"Their improvisations bring angular modernistic harmonic material to an aesthetic reminiscent of early twentieth century field recordings of eastern european folk music while engaging noise music and free jazz equally."

Labyrinthine and florid melodies streaming over alien funk counterpoint make the ecstatic music of Blarvuster, the latest brainchild of critically acclaimed bagpiper/composer Matthew Welch. Inspired equally by Celtic lines and South East Asian ensemble textures as well as avant-garde rock and minimalism, Blarvuster's line-up of some of the brightest young stars in the New York experimental scene ardently evoke a seamless hybrid of musical languages that issues forth its own fictional tradition.

"The Brooklyn-based composer leaps vast geographical distances, imagining statistically implausible musical melting pots that sound utterly natural...a composer possessed of both rich imagination and the skill to bring his fancies to life."
- TimeOut NY

::::Extra Life [NYC]
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Guitarist and composer Charlie Looker hails from New York , but relocated to Middletown, CT, to study under greats like Anthony Braxton and Alvin Lucier at Wesleyan University. There he collaborated with other area musicians, including the Middletown Creative Orchestra, and formed his own band, Lavender, with saxophonist Rees Archibald, clarinetist Julie Strand, and bassist Nat Baldwin. He has also worked with New Yorkers, including Elliott Sharp and Daniel Carter. Looker's debut recording as a leader, Lavender, came out on his own Identity Recordings label in 2001.
~ Joslyn Layne, All Music Guide