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September 20, 2002
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Images From Movie Made Available For The First Time

RICHMOND, VA - Artspace is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibitions "Super-Mom" by Richmond artist Matt Lively, and "Souled Out: Gentrification of a Southeast Atlanta Neighborhood" by Atlanta, Georgia artist David Naugle. The exhibitions will take place on Friday, October 4, 2002 from 7:00-10:00pm, during the kick off of the "First Fridays Art Walk." Both exhibitions continue through Sunday, October 27, 2002. For more information please call Artspace at 804-782-8672 or go to www.artspacegallery.org. Artspace is open Wednesday - Sunday, from 12 - 4pm or by appointment, and is free and open to the public.

Artist, Matt Lively, has been absorbed in the making of the animated movie, "Super-Mom," for the last nine years. The public will have their first opportunity to view the images from the movie at the opening on October 4. The animated celluloid images, or cels, as they are commonly referred to, are made of acrylic paints and alkyds applied to clear acetate sheets. The viewer will be greeted by the main character "Super-Mom," who is accompanied by the characters "Girl," "Creepy Guy from Chicago," and "Rashin," the pet fly (who's face is adorned with the head of Abraham Lincoln). Other symbols that Lively is known for are his bees on bicycles, old-fashioned typewriters, windows, and elongated chairs. A fan of Lively's work will recognize their favorite icons in this new medium for the, "Richmond to Atlanta, back to Richmond" artist.

Images from the movie are displayed in Artspace's Main Gallery. Leading down the hallway is an image of a large blimp, emerging into the main gallery and eventually exploding. At 6'x60', this amazing stunt will be one of the main attractions of the display. Dominating the Main Gallery will be one large work on paper covered with 600, 5"x6" cels. Seeing through the individual cels will be an underlying image. The various paintings will appear to move as the viewer looks over the whole work. The final image of the movie will be a large 8'x16' "study." This work on canvas depicts "Super-Mom" protecting her son from the exploding blimp. "Super-Mom," the exhibition, will be one of the most unusual exhibits held at Artspace gallery, and is surely not to be missed.

Matt Lively is an internationally exhibiting artist working in paining, printing, and drawing. His work can be found in galleries across the country, and is represented by galleries in Atlanta, Richmond, and Toronto. He was chosen "Best Artist" in 1999 by Atlanta's Creative Loafing magazine. Recently, he was chosen to be the designer to represent the popular Atlanta Décor 2002 exposition. His art has been published in Art World News, US ART, Art in America, and in the 1999 and 2001 published exhibition, New American Painting. His work is in numerous collections.

Exhibiting in the upstairs Skylight Gallery is the Atlanta-based photographer, David Naugle. His exhibit "Souled Out: Gentrification of a Southeast Atlanta Neighborhood" includes photographs and video depicting the changes taking place in neighborhoods adjacent to growing Atlanta - one in which Naugle lives. His documentary-styled images are filled with whimsy and sadness, relaying the controversial effects of urban improvement on low-income neighborhoods. (This display will be very interesting to Richmond residents interested in current improvements being made to areas such as Jackson and Monroe Wards, and the Blackwell community.)

Naugle has an extensive background in photography, film, video, and web design. He has produced works for numerous corporate clients such as Adidas, Pizza Hut, Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting and Cellular One. His name and images are very familiar to Atlanta residents. He is beginning to receive recognition for his documentary filmmaking as well. David Naugle's voice can be heard as the "Creepy Guy from Chicago" in Matt Lively's upcoming film, "Super-Mom."

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