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Zbigniew Karkowski
& Zipperspy US tour

with guests Ting Ting Yahe & ENE

International Sound Artists

February 2, 2002
Saturday at 9:00 PM
Cash Bar

Karkowski, from Poland but has lived in Sweden and Japan. Member of virtual instrument trio Sensorband with Atau Tanaka and Edwin Van Der Heide, releases on Sonoris and Ash Intl. Toured US in 1999 with Sensorband and in 1990 with Hafler Trio, CM Von Hausswolf and Ulf Bilting. Also prolific solo sound artist with dozens of releases on various labels such as Mego, Firework, ERS, and a Mort Aux Vaches CD on Staalplaat. Collaborative CDs out with Francisco Lopez on Absolute, Tetsuo Furudate on Staalplaat, and Masami Akita (Merzbow) on OR. Zipperspy is Maria Moran, recently moved from New York City to Chicago. Was guitarist for Denver art-rock band Thinking Plague. Lived with Ron Lessard in Lowell MA for several years and ran performance space there. Does cut-up broken electronic beats and organized noise, has toured in Europe and US several times including William Bennett's "Extreme Music from Women" tour, included on his comp on Susan Lawly Records. Her releases have come out on Vinyl Comm, Zhark, Mixer, Ground Fault. New record coming out soon on Fuzzybox (subsidiary of Darla).

Jan 23 - Tonic Manhattan
Jan 24 - Night Owl Cafe, Student Center, Keene State Univ, Keene NH
Jan 25 - Mass College of Art Boston
Jan 26 - Impulse/Response, Arts Center, Troy NY
Jan 27 - Flywheel Easthampton MA
Feb 1 - The Rotunda, Philadelphia
Feb 2 - Artspace Richmond with Scott Hudgins (ENE) & Tingtingjahe
Feb 3 - Decatur Blue Washington DC
Feb 4 - Brew House Art Space Pittsburgh
Feb 5 - SS Nova Cincinnati
Feb 6 - C-Pop Gallery Detroit

Ting Ting Jahe are an improvisational group from Richmond VA.

Ben Scott, Ben Owen, and Tommy Birchette are the core members. Paul Goode has also preformed with the group.

Everything from laptops, to guitar, toys,gongs, zither, and tapes are used to make the music as well as homemade instuments, and modified electronics and toys.

Their sound is very ambient and drifting, suggesting as clash of the ancient and modern.

This preformance they will be joined by Scott Hudgins (ENE) using an empty sampler. He will be sampling the momments and re-introducing them as instant nostalgia.

Paul Goode will provide visual projections for this preformance


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