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Kaswa-LatinoAmerican Dancers
Kaswa-LatinoAmerican Dancers

For more information, read the Press Release from April 26, 2001

Month Gallery Exhibitions:

  • Craig Kittner, "Variegated Patterns" -- Foyer & Helena Davis Galleries
  • Scott Phillips, "Bled in Ground" -- Main Gallery
  • "May Members Images & Icons" -- Skylight Gallery

    The gallery will come alive with Latin folk dances when the local dance company, KASWA presents an hour-long performance. Stay for "penas," or celebration, following, where everyone dances and food, drink, and souvenirs will be sold.

    May 12
    Saturday at 5:00 PM
    $10 in advance, $12 day of show

    Kaswa is an ethnic group of Latin American dancers formed in Richmond. Kaswa means Dance of Elation in Kechua, the language from the Peruvian Indians. The group was founded in 1992, and has been very enthusiastic and willing to share a part of their Hispanic heritage and culture with the community.

    The enthusiasm in Kaswa's dances is contagious and invites the audience to participate, transporting them to mysterious foreign cultures.

    One of Kaswa's purposes is to promote cross cultural activity to introduce the rapidly growing Latino population to young American children. As artistic diplomats they also promote respect and communication.

    These folklorists (representing such countries as Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico & El Salvador) perform dances originated from their Indian ancestry, with the occasional influence of Spain. Part of their presentation includes explanations about the history of these native North, Central and South American Indians. One of the chief characteristics of the Latino culture is the important emphasis on family, friendship, and community.

    Their repertory includes a spectrum of choreography from their ancestors the Incas, the Aztecs and the Mayans, Mexican folklore, Afro-Peruvian to Cuban Mambo and Dominican Republic Merengue.

    Kaswa-Latino Dancers has been touring throughout the State with the Virginia Commision for the Arts sponsorship and has been nominated with the Governor's Awards for the Arts 2000 for their excellence, support and investment in the Arts in the Commowealth of Virginia.

    For mor information and booking arrangements, please call:
    Maria Espiritu      (804)744-1383
    Artistic Director      mares1@netzero.net


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