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July 6 - 29, 2001

Opening Reception
July 6, 7:00-9:00pm

Contemporary sculpture and jewelry
Foyer & Helena Davis Galleries

Artist Statement

Process is about trial and error. I never start with a fixed idea anymore. When I do, it seems contrived and dishonest. So, I see some shape that interests me and I make it. Of course it is not an exact replication. My efforts, fingerprints, and experience have become this thing. Ranging from a puppet, to a pear, to underwear, I try to figure out how to make that shape mine and transform it into something else worth looking at. This kind of form attracts me, because it's familiar and I relate to it. When I'm in the process of sanding wood or shaping metal, I think about how the pieces and the different materials rely on each other. That is when the history of the object is revealed to me and the form becomes mine.

It is impossible to be a human sculptor and not make things that in some way relate to the human body. The most direct way I have found is by making a figure. These female forms balance cautiously in various stunted gestures and are close enough to life-size to participate in the viewer's space. Another way sculpture directly relates to the human body is by giving the viewer an invitation to participate: a drum round enough to allow four peolpie to beat on simultaneously, a box treated with such care and craft that one is the tempted to look inside, a marionette, a plaything, is certainly an invitation to play... to adjust the free-moving joints and pose as the viewer pleases. Should the viewer dare touch the art, or ignore the obvious invite? Viewer interaction and reaction is one of the most interesting aspects of art. My sculpture is a study in human behavior.

-- Erin Fortenberry
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