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2001 Events

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  • Outreach Events

    Outreach Exhibition: Spring & Summer 2001

  • Mind-Body Medicine Center, Retreat Hospital
    Showing in the treatment rooms at Retreat Mind-Body Medicine Center -- a selection of art by Artspace members Irene Ward, Kathleen Westkaemper, Jane Vaught, Nancy Rice, and Debbie DaPrano
    The Mind-Body Medicine Center, Retreat Hospital, Room 480, 2621 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220, (804) 254-5334

    Winter & Spring 2001 Outreach Project

  • GO FISH! Artspace is proud to sponsor a fish as part of the GO FISH! project.
    Check out our fish in person at the Bank of America Plaza at 12th and Main streets in Richmond.

    Outreach Exhibition: January 8-March 7, 2001
    Selected flatwork pieces from the Artspace Members Showcase 2000
    were also on view at:

  • The Montpelier Center for Arts & Education
    17205 Mountain Rd., Montpelier, VA 23192 | (804) 883-7378
    A Reception for the Artists was on Wednesday, February 7, 2001 -- 5:00-8:00 PM with a Gallery Talk by Artspace Director, Christina Newton at 6:00 PM
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    2001 Exhibitions and Performances
    Updated on November 28, 2001

    Artspace has an Opening Reception for New Gallery Exhibitions on the First Friday of Each Month. Join Us Each First Friday from 7-9 PM at 6 East Broad St. in Richmond, Virginia.
    Artspace is also host to many performance series events ranging from dance, music and drama, to poetry readings, book signings, lectures and educational events. Check the Calendar below to keep up with our busy schedule!


    January 5-28: Gallery Exhibition

  • "Ground Level Railroad" Group exhibit of six emerging Richmond painters -- Entire Gallery


  • Mariah Josephy (DC) -- Mixed media sculpture & collages -- Foyer & Helena Davis Galleries
  • Elisabeth Keller (Richmond) -- Large abstract paintings -- Main Gallery
  • Keith Ramsey (Richmond) -- Surreal urban landscape paintings -- Skylight Gallery


    March 2-30: Gallery Exhibition

  • "Similar Differences: Four Object Makers" Emerging artists that are pushing the boundaries of craft in contemporary art -- Entire Gallery
    Featuring: Karl Burkheimer (Richmond), Travis Townsend (North Carolina), Felicia Szorad (Philadelphia), and John Rais (New Jersey)
    This exhibit appears in conjunction with the SNAG Conference to be held at VCU, 02/28-03/03/01
    Read the NEWS RELEASE from February 16, 2001


    April 6-29: Gallery Exhibitions

  • "VCU Painting & Printmaking Department's Annual Senior Exhibition" -- Downstairs Galleries
    April 2001 marks the third anniversary of "New Artists at Artspace," an exhibition of new works by the graduating seniors of the Painting and Printmaking Department of Virginia Commonwealth University. This is a chance to see the latest in painting and printmaking, drawing and mixed media. Meet the newest crop of young artists from one of the country's top art schools.
  • "VCU Crafts Department's Annual "New Talent" Exhibition" -- Skylight Gallery
    Artspace is pleased to welcome the Virginia Commonwealth University's Department of Crafts, featuring 18 graduating seniors. These emerging artists will present new work in ceramics, fiber, furniture, glass and metal.
    Read the News Release from March 21, 2001 for information on these two shows

    April 12: Artspace Presents

  • "Chris Cutler" -- Avant-garde electronic/percussionist from Surry, England in town for one-night only.
    He has been in: Pere Ubu, Henry Keiser, Fred Frith, Art Bears, and others.
    Thursday night at the "Blue Bottle"
    200 West Broad St., Richmond, VA 23219, Phone: (804) 644-9445

    Read the News Release from March 22, 2001

    April 13: Performance Series Event

  • "Annette Postel" -- in her first performance in the U.S., will present the best of her Chanson Revue (Golden 20's through the present).
    Her program includes classical songs by Weill/Brecht, Bruehne / Balz, as well as contemporary compositions. Accompanying her on the piano is German pianist Patrick Kirst, currently studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA
    Friday at 8:00 PM - $15
    Saturday, April 14th at the "Blue Bottle"
    200 West Broad St., Richmond, VA 23219, Phone: (804) 644-9445

    April 21: Performance Series Event

  • "Menspeak" -- poetry/prose reading with Steven Barza, John Hartman, Hayden Hollingsworth, Theodore Holmes, D.L. Hopkins, Kelly Lane and others
    Saturday at 8:00 PM (Doors open 7:30) - FREE

    April 28: Performance Series Event

  • "Floating Folk Festival" -- Join us for a laid-back evening of music by an eclectic group of local acoustic musicians.
    Saturday at 8:00 PM (Doors open 7:30) - $3


    May 4-27: Gallery Exhibitions

  • Craig Kittner, "Variegated Patterns" (DC) - Bright abstract painting based on geometric themes -- Foyer & Helena Davis Galleries
  • Scott Phillips, "Bled in Ground" (Richmond) - Large surrealist painting -- Main Gallery
  • "May Members Images & Icons" Guest Juror, Diego Sanchez, 1708 Board Member -- Skylight Gallery

    May 12: Performance Series Event

  • "KASWA" -- The gallery will come alive with Latin folk dances when the local dance company, KASWA presents an hour-long performance. Stay for "penas," or celebration, following, where everyone dances and food, drink, and souvenirs will be sold.
    Saturday at 5:00 PM - $10 in advance, $12 day of show

    May 19: Performance Series Event

  • "Floating World" -- Multi-performance Puppet Show
    Puppeteer, Carlie Troncalie, and local DJ's present a multi-layered performance of art and music.
    Saturday at 8:00 PM - $5


    June 1-July 1: Gallery Exhibitions

  • "The Heroes In Us" - Photographic Collages by The Young Artists of Blackwell and Whitcomb.
    A Project of ART 180 and Weed & Seed -- Foyer Gallery
    Pre-reception for the artists: Friday, June 1, 5:00-6:30 PM

    Contemporary Color Photography

  • David Bremer (Richmond) - Documentary photographs of Richmond's Flood Wall -- Helena Davis Gallery
  • Hil Scott (Richmond) - Computer manipulated color photography -- Main Gallery
  • Alan Entin (Richmond) - Black & white and color photographs of Paris taken with a "Toy" plastic camera, a Holga -- Skylight Gallery

    June 9: Performance Series Event

  • "Linda Rae Johnson" -- reading from her "Ouachita Girl" stories. Listen and laugh as Linda takes you back in time to Southern Louisiana as a 13-year old girl, and the mishaps of youth and summers in the south. This will be Ms. Johnson's third annual reading at Artspace.
    Saturday at 8:00 PM - $5.00

    June 15-16 and 21, 22, 23: Performance Series Event

  • "Breakfast Epiphanies" - working title, "Unoriginal Sin"
    Written & Performed by Betzi Hekman
    A Richmond Performing Arts Collective Production
    Directed by Matthew Didner
    9:00 PM - $5.00

    June 30: Performance Series Event

  • Saturday Night Boogie -- These floors were made for dancing!
    Saturday at 8:30-11:30 PM - $5.00


    July 6-29: Gallery Exhibitions

  • Erin Fortenberry (Richmond)- Contemporary sculpture and wall hangings -- Foyer & Helena Davis Galleries
  • Dana Frostick (Richmond)- Large landscape painting with mixed media frames -- Main Gallery
  • Alice Gonglewski (Richmond) -- mixed media works Skylight Gallery

    July 14: Gallery Performance Series Event

  • "Womenspeak" -- writers...poetry/prose
    Shann Palmer, Michele Maria Surat, Xenia Running Waters, Susie Muhlenbeck, Mar Makay, Mary Lee Allen
    Saturday at 8 PM - FREE

    July 21: Gallery Performance Series Event

  • "Free-Life" -- Roland and Shashana -- Contempory keyboard/synth and guitar duo performing exotic and traditional Earth-Music
    Saturday at 8 PM - $5

    July 28: Performance Series Event

  • Saturday Night Boogie -- Come dance with us!
    Saturday at 8:30-11:30 PM - $5.00


    August 3-August 26: Gallery Exhibitions
    5 Views by
    3 photographers

  • "FACES: Photography of Catherine Johnson & Henrietta Near" (Richmond) - Portraits -- Skylight Gallery
  • Willie Valentine (Richmond) - Maggie Walker Photo Documentary -- Foyer
    and 2 painters
  • Susan Ross (Richmond) - Pop influenced urban landscapes -- Main Gallery
  • Margaret Kamsky -- Helena Davis Gallery

    Aug. 4-12: Performance Series Event

  • 1st Annual Richmond, Virginia Black Theatre Festival
    -- Produced by Ernie McClintock and Jazz Actors Theatre
    Nine Extraordinary Days & Nights

    August 18: Performance Series Event

  • Saturday Night Boogie -- Come dance with us!
    Saturday at 8:30-11:30 PM - $5.00


    September 7-30: Gallery Exhibitions

  • Andrew Campbell & Debbie DaPrano (Richmond) - Site-specific, multi-media installation -- Downstairs
  • Andy Farkas (Richmond) - Book art & Etchings -- Skylight Gallery


    October 5-28: Gallery Exhibitions

  • Shirl Tandlich (Richmond) - Reworked stone sculpture with photos of former pieces
  • Frances Wessells (Richmond) - Stone & clay sculpture
  • Kristy Simmons (Maryland) - Atmospheric interior paintings
  • Kathryn Henry-Choisser (Richmond) - Atmospheric & psychological landscapes


    November 2-December 2: Gallery Exhibition

  • Gordon Stettinius (Richmond) - Eccentric B&W & color photography -- Skylight Gallery

    November 2-December 22: Gallery Exhibition

  • "Artspace's First International Invitational Miniature Exhibition" with Guest Curator, Chuck Scalin, Professor of Communication Arts & Design Department at VCU -- Downstairs Galleries

    November 10: Gallery Performance Series Event

  • "Bare Bones Showing" -- an evening of movement-based solo performance
    by Laura Schandelmeier
    Saturday at 8:00 PM - $5

    November 17: Gallery Performance Series Event

  • "Everybody Play Nice XI" -- Annual poetry/prose reading
    Marian Hollowell and Lawrence Proman
    Saturday at 8:00 PM - FREE


    December 7-22: Gallery Exhibition

  • "Members' Showcase" Annual Artspace Members' exhibition

    Continuing through December 22: Gallery Exhibition

  • "Artspace's First International Invitational Miniature Exhibition" with Guest Curator, Chuck Scalin, Professor of Communication Arts & Design Department at VCU -- Downstairs Galleries

    December 1: Gallery Performance Series Event

  • ART180 presents: Return of the Gilpin Poets -- lead by d.l. hopkins
    Saturday at 3 PM - FREE, reception to follow

    December 5: Gallery Performance Series Event

  • VCU thesis exhibition -- by filmmaker Jim Collier
    Wednesday from 6-9 PM - FREE, with reception

    December 15: Gallery Performance Series Event

  • Saturday Night Boogie -- Dance & Snacks included
    Saturday from 8:30-11:30 PM - $5


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