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For Immediate Release
December 27, 2000
Contact: Christina Newton, Director

Artists of Ground Level Railroad
Turn Artspace Into Giant Installation

The members of "Ground Level Railroad" painted a mural on the main wall of the Foyer Gallery as part of their installation.
Photo Copyright of Catherine Johnson
RICHMOND, VA -- Artspace, located at 6 East Broad Street in downtown Richmond, is pleased to announce the opening of the new exhibit by artists of "Ground Level Railroad." The public is invited to an Opening Reception on Friday, January 5, 2001 from 7 - 9pm, and a Closing Reception on Friday, January 26. The exhibit will continue until Sunday, January 28, 2001. Artspace is open Wednesday - Sunday, from 12 - 4pm. You can learn more about Artspace at www.artspacegallery.org.

A salon-style hanging of flatwork fills the walls of Artspace while groupings of miniature pieces on pedestals occupy the floor space.
Photo Copyright of Catherine Johnson
Ground Level Railroad is a group of emerging artists from Richmond. Six artists from the group will be featured in their first professional gallery exhibition at Artspace. Matt Adamson, Pat Berran, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Brent Loverde, Brian Maltby, and C.G. McGann will present a unique blend of collage, paintings, drawings, prints, and mixed media sculpture. It will not be an attempt to redefine the existing art world but rather to breakthrough barriers of public exhibition of artwork. Artspace is turned into an installation - robots climb the walls and fall from the Skylight. Work hangs from floor to ceiling - sizes vary from 2" to 20'. Socio-political and religious themes abound. A menagerie of art, antiques, and train yard oddities are scattered around the Gallery floors. GLR gives new meaning to "salon style" for the new century.

Art spills onto the floor of the Main Gallery in the Artspace installation of "Ground Level Railroad."
Photo Copyright of Catherine Johnson
GLR has been promoting and organizing informal art shows for the college-age audience for some time now. They aim to create a market for budding artists, and making work both beautiful and affordable. For example, they organized a "$13 Dollar Show" on Friday the 13th where all bids for artwork began at thirteen bucks. They hope to create an atmosphere that is fun and welcomes visitors to become collectors. Their Artspace exhibit intends to bridge the gap between the established art scene and artists who tend to avoid the beaten path. It was a natural fit to welcome Ground Level Railroad to Artspace since the Gallery has been a leader in the Richmond arts scene in experimentation, diversity, and inclusion.

For more photos of artists' works, see their 2001 exhibit page.


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