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  • "Everybody Play Nice X"

    November 18, 8 pm
    Cost: Free

    Annual poetry/prose reading by Marian Hollowell and Lawrence Proman. Special ten year anniversary show. Reception to follow.

    Marian is one of the founding members of Artspace and its performance series in which she has dedicated much love and spirit.

    So far in this lifetime, Marian has been an artist, actress, assemblagist/sculptor, singer, editor, director, poet, tree nymph and maid.

    Marian is celebrating her 10th EPN anniversary with an exhibit of her art (mixed media, collagraphs, monotypes, pastels, assemblages, ink drawings). She is delighted to have Jean Kellogg sharing the walls in their "myth and mystery" exhibit here at Artspace.

    Jean has also read her poetry with Marian and Lawrence when they were all a part of "Poetspoke", a poets group founded by Marian and Lawrence in the late 80's, early 90's. They read around town including at Artspace when it was located in Shockoe Bottom.

    Lawrence is a prolific poet consumed by theological, political, and anthropological subjects, which lead to mirth.

    A computer scientist by trade, a Mayan archaeologist by hobby: Lawrence won 't shy away from any street corner in any city if he feels a poem is needed. If he's not telling it, he's writing it.

    These urban jungle poets have been giving public readings for 13 years. The "Everybody Play Nice" series consists of all new, original works. Keeping up with their own poetic (and otherwise) view of the world within and around them (and otherwise) throughout each year ... they write.

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