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"Views of Tuscany"
Photography exhibition of travels to Italy

October 6-29, 2000
Skylight Gallery

Area photographers, Mary Buttrick, Pam Fox, Susan Legg, Virginia Ritchie, and Kathleen Stacey, are joined by Artspace members Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman, Catherine Johnson, Henrietta Near, and Jane Vaught, in a photography exhibition of travels to Italy.

A trip to Tuscany by some of Artspace’s photographers produced a wide range of works of art and documents of a life-changing journey. Suddenly, an exhibition idea blossomed. The exhibit grew to include other area photographers who had visited the exotic lands of Italy as well. Its landscape has been inspiration for artists for thousands of years. The aura and beauty again stimulates modern woman to search for meaning, this time, through the end of the camera’s lense.


Photo by Henrietta Near
Photos from
"Views of Tuscany"
by Henrietta Near
Photo by Henrietta Near
All of us are familiar with pictures of Tuscany; we see them frequently in travel magazines, on television shows and in newspaper articles. You know immediately where you are in the world when the familiar scenes appear that one associates with this northern central region of Italy: rolling hills, solitary trees and warm sunsets. For those of us who live in Virginia, these images also remind us of the countryside around Charlottesville.

The photographers participating in this show are seeing Tuscany from their own artistic perspective, a perspective as varied as the people who created the pictures. Some may question whether black and white photographs can do justice to the soft Tuscan hues, as opposed to the colorfiil scenes found in the majority of travel publications. That is the point of this exhibit. These artists want you to see the area in a different "light," to focus attention on pattern or texture or to evoke an atmosphere not conveyed in the usual pictures of this well known travel destination. In addition, the paintings and color photographs exhibited here are not what one is accustomed to seeing in the travel magazines and other media.

The majority of the photographers represented here traveled as a group, rented a villa and took day trips into towns of particular interest. Most days two groups of artists would travel by car, with the composition of the groups changing depending upon the destination of the day. Therefore, much territory was covered by these artists as no one group repeated another group's trip. The photographs and paintings for the show were selected by the individual artists and their different viewpoints are evident in the images.

We hope you enjoy this exhibit and are inspired to travel to the places of your dreams. Take a few photos, paint a scene or two, so that you can remember personal journeys from your own viewpoint and not from a postcard or a picture that someone else created.

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